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Rivanna Rifle & Pistol Club
A private shooting club in Charlottesville, VA


Sunday Afternoons

  • For members and non-members.
  • 1:30 pm – 5 pm  most every Sunday except for major
  • Skeet, Trap & Wobble fields (only!) are Open to the public *(see specifics below).
    All other ranges remain CLOSED to non-members.
  • Skeet, Trap & Wobble, except for 2nd Sunday of Month,
    when 5 Stand replaces Trap.
  • Sign up for squads on a first come, first served basis.
    Members take precedence over non-members.
  • Cost per round: $3 for members, $4 non-members.
  • You must bring your own shotgun, along with
    ear/eye protection; club does not provide loaners.
    Shot shells may be purchased-required shot size #7 1/2, 8 or 9 only.
  • Familiarity with the various clays games, your shotgun,
    and range safety is required. (See the Calendar for 3rd Saturday orientation class).
  • Those not familiar with shooting on a squad for the official games of skeet, trap, etc. are required to attend an orientation class held 3rd Saturday each month. You must pre-register - see club calendar, click on the date/activity for registration specifics.
  • No instruction or coaching provided on Sunday.
    Beginner-members should inquire about practice sessions
    See the Calendar
  • Observers are welcome, subject to range safety and wearing of eye & ear protection. Every effort will be made to be a welcoming host for our members, and our guests clay target interests.
  • Severe inclement weather cancels event.

Fahrenheit Fling Club Skeet Match on June 30, 2012.  See details here.

Trap Shooting

See info on 2015 - 2016 Winter Trap Program here.

The sport of Trap Shooting that includes sixteen yard (Singles), Handicap (19 to 27 yards), and Doubles are taught throughout the year on the following days: Trap shooting every Wednesday from 4PM to 9PM (day light savings time), except during the weeks of the General Membership meeting the second Thursday, and the Board of Directors meeting the third Thursday; Trap is shot on those days from 3PM to 6PM prior to the meetings.. During Eastern Standard Time we cease shooting at Sunset.

Mike Kreynus, NRA/ATA Certified Trap Coach and Trap clinic student of the late Frank Little and advanced student of Kay Ohye, teaches the fundamentals of Trap Shooting, Trap etiquette, and ATA Trap Rules.

Not like Sunday afternoons where basic shotgun knowledge is required, Trap practice sessions give the novice or beginner, the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of shotgun handling and the sport of Trap Shooting.

Each day of Trap shooting starts with the fundamentals and any person, Club member or non-member, are welcome to attend and learn one of the oldest of our National sports. Recreational and novices Trap shooters are welcome, but most of the squads are devoted to properly learn to shoot the sport of Trap and instruction is ongoing.

RRPC offers a Trap Shooting Program for organizing ATA Registered Trap Shooting. Our organized Trap shooting members are known as the Rivanna Trap Shooters. Mike Kreynus is the Trap Program Director. Craig DePiazzy assists with the program and coaches the UVA Shotgun Team.

RRPC members and guests are offered ATA Registered events and practice shooting on other dates. ATA events of 300 Birds Shoots and BIG50s are announced by published and posted Programs. Sundays, excluding the 2nd Sunday of each month, Trap practice is open to the public from 1:30PM-5:00PM. For any Trap inquiries, you are invited to contact Mike Kreynus at mkreynus@verizon.net, or 804 263-1008.